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If you are curious what liquor stores currently stock our products you can use the website

Search the following product codes to see if they are stocked near you.

We are currently distributing:

Dorymen’s Silver Rum – 1325B

Donlon Shanks Amber Rum – 1419B

Il Keyote Spirits Distilled from Agave - 0333B

Xalapa Agave Spirits w/ Jalapeno – 4620B

The Pharmacist Old Tom Gin – 3718B

Easy Bouy Gin - 4051E

Distribution of Distilled Spirits is a tricky business for Artisan Distillers. We wish it was easier to get you a bottle, and we are working hard to open new avenues to get our spirits into your hands outside of Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach Distillery is an extremely small batch, artisanal distillery that produces a limited amount of spirits every year. We do our best to always have our Rock Series in stock at the Distillery and throughout Oregon distribution. We cycle through our seasonal Tidal series, but typically have one or two available in our Tasting Rooms only. The Carronade Collection Whiskeys release once every few months and tend to sell out within a day. Feel free to call (503-436-0301) or email anytime learn which spirits are available right now.

Oregonians, we need your help! Our products are available to every one of your local Oregon liquor stores . We have stepped up production to make sure there is a standing inventory for any liquor store that puts an order in. Our customers are the most effective advocates to get local liquor stores to carry our products. Ask for Cannon Beach Distillery Spirits at your liquor store and they will carry them for the same price you pay here in Cannon Beach. We have the best customers in the business and we sincerely appreciate your help!

If you are outside of Oregon, we are also extremely excited to be working with Crafted Life, who has made our Spirits available for purchase online in select states (check back often as we are trying to add more States to the list) . You can purchase four Rock Series Spirits (the same ones we distribute) through their website and have the bottles delivered directly to your door! 


We encourage everyone to try our spirits before being purchased. We pour samples of all available spirits at a small cost in the tasting room.  We will not charge for samples of products you buy. Come in and learn exactly how the spirits are made and share in the joy of crafting fine spirits.


Come visit our

Tasting and Production Facility at 1315 S Hemlock Cannon Beach