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We ferment, distill, mature, and bottle all of our award-winning spirits entirely from scratch, on site. We take pride in our hands-on approach of crafting spirits of the highest quality using no purchased or blended alcohols, no chill stabilizing, no artificial color or flavor, and minimal filtration. We will only sell you a spirit that we believe can stand alone, so you have every option to experience it however you please. Whether you are new to spirits, or a long time connoisseur, we strive to produce unique products that are undeniably good.

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Sunset Session Oregon Whiskey will release Friday Nov. 24th and hopefully remain in stock into the weekend.

Here's what we did:

The experimentation continues....Our apologies for the late email on this Whiskey, but the feds had a very hard time classifying it. We resolved on the term "Whiskey" even though it didn't conform to the strict legal classification.

Whiskey is defined by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Trade Bureau as a spirit distilled from grain, under 160 proof and aged in charred oak barrels. 'Light Whiskey' is defined as "a whiskey distilled to higher than 160 proof and lower than 190 proof,and aged in used or un-charred new oak containers". Sunset Session is distilled above 160 proof, but aged in refurbished (therefore "new") French oak barrels, which is outside of either category. They let us label it as 'Whiskey', but we may have created something a bit new and different.

Sunset Session was distilled at 165 proof just on the other side of "normal" Whiskey. Most Whiskeys are distilled multiple times through pot stills to achieve their final purity. We believe we can retain more flavor and texture through a single, column distillation, and this Whiskey should prove that point. Higher purity distillations generally mean less flavor (remember, anything over 190 proof off the still is Vodka), so we had to pull out a few tricks to make sure we still got a full Whiskey tone.

First, we used 100% Pacific Northwest Pale Ale Malted Barley. The malting process adds more toasted and caramel tones, and this one in particular is slightly darker and more flavorful than the standard 2-row counterparts. Plus, all the grains were grown and malted in the Great Pacific Northwest. Even at a higher proof, the distillate was bready and complex.

Second, We single distilled the Session. Single distillations take time. We heat the still slowly and take very careful, conservative 'cuts' of our distillate to make sure we get all the compounds and flavors we desire, and none of the ones we don't. This process enables us to retain more of the natural oils of the grain, which add texture and flavor. Our 6-plate column still allows us to reach high purities in a single distillation.

Finally, we aged the Session in a very special cask that was repurposed by our friends at Re-Barrel in Salem OR. They had a French Oak barrel that was built by the Gamba Cooperage in Asti, Italy. It had previously aged a Bordeaux style wine. They reduced the size to 40-gallons, shaved, and burned out the barrel to the lightest degree of char possible. We could smell the difference in the wood before we even added the Whiskey. There was a more leathery, savory aspect to this barrel that we could only describe as "Umami ". French Oak is also known to impart flavor slower than American Oak. This was very important, as we didn't want to overwhelm the lighter grain flavor.

At 90 proof, the Sunset Session is deceptively easy to sip. It's very safe to say you have never had a Whiskey like this before. The nose has a balance of fruit and woody sweetness. Even as a higher purity Light Whiskey, the body is not thin or dry, but doesn't coat your mouth either. Immediate sweetness up front dissolves into a savory caramel finish that features a distinct spice of French Oak. There is no mistaking it as Whiskey, but its uniqueness will keep you pondering, and keep you sipping.


We are always heavily overwhelmed with demand for whiskey, so we offer our apologies in advance to those who will not be able to purchase a bottle. Here is how we have decided to do this round...

Sunset Session will become available on Friday, November 24th at our original location (255 N Hemlock), and will be sold first come, first served. This is the largest batch we have ever released, so we expect it will last into the weekend...hopefully. There is still a limit of 2 bottles per customer, per day. The cost will be $45 for a 375mL bottle. Doors will open a bit earlier at 10:45am, sharp. We will be selling it at our midtown location as well, which opens at 2pm. The only way to get a bottle is to be physically present.

Please do not email or call to claim a bottle, I cannot legally sell a bottle unless you are in my shop. There will be no pre-orders or holds.


In other news...

If you are interested in giving the whiskey a try we will be pouring the Session by the glass at a special rate of $7 a pour (2oz) starting at 2pm on both Friday and Saturday at our new tasting room located at 1315 S Hemlock. This price will go up for future events, so take advantage while you can!

Our past Whiskey releases will also be available during the event as well as select cocktails using our regularly produced spirits. Come see our new space and enjoy Cannon Beach Distillery Spirits.

NEXT UP: Whiskey #14 Strata 3
Dec. 16th 2017
*extremely small batch*

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