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We ferment, distill, mature, and bottle all of our award-winning spirits entirely from scratch, on site. We take pride in our hands-on approach of crafting spirits of the highest quality using no purchased or blended alcohols, no chill stabilizing, no artificial color or flavor, and minimal filtration. We will only sell you a spirit that we believe can stand alone, so you have every option to experience it however you please. Whether you are new to spirits, or a long time connoisseur, we strive to produce unique products that are undeniably good.

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Strata 3 is the third iteration of our award winning, solera aged, single malt whiskey project. We are extremely excited about how this whiskey is evolving. Aromas and flavors are becoming more robust while the finish remains long and dangerously smooth. If you remember how the solera process works, this evolution makes perfect sense. The maturation and blending process adds increased depth, complexity, and maturity every year.

Strata 3 is the most mature iteration. This year's Strata solera layer is a blend of 2 and 3 year whiskey.  

You have to like peat smoke to like this whiskey. The overall flavor is bright, smokey peat, with a balanced bready caramel flavor. The smoke and sweetness are in harmony. We mature the base layer of Strata in our original Sweet Virginia Bourbon barrels to keep in the Scotch tradition.

We like to make things difficult. It has taken 4 years to get the completed system in place. In essence, we are blending while the spirit is still maturing which gives us a tremendous amount of control over the final character of the whiskey. We can select specific barrels each year, tailor the distillation purity for the amount of time it will take to get through the process, and dictate how much whiskey is bottled from the process each year...all while each Strata layer continually develops.

Strata 3 has proven to us that the system is working just the way we have always hoped. The whiskey has become smoother and more intricate.  We decided to bottle Strata 3 at the slightly lower purity of 86 proof (down from 88.5 proof of Strata 1 and 2) to highlight these changes. The peat smoke is more prominent throughout the nose, palate, and finish than in its predecessors. Strata 3 won’t stick to your palate like a thick Scotch. It is still lighter in body, but the finish is extremely smooth and pleasant.

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