Peated Single Malt Whiskey:

Available first come, first served on Sat. Dec. 19th

Strata Bottle And Barrel

We are so excited about the Strata that it will be the first Whiskey we are planning on releasing annually, around the same time in December. This Whiskey is blend of very traditional Scotch Whiskey ingredients and mashing techniques, infused with our own distillation and Solera maturation systems. Sound interesting? Here's what we have come up with...

We started with a mash bill of 100% heavily peated malted barley. This malt originates from the U.K., and was created for Scotch distilleries specifically. We processed these grains using the 'Scotch method' or 'grain-off' mashing and fermentation. Everything from the extraction of sugars down to the yeast selection and fermentation was meant to mimic Scotch production techniques.

Normally, a Scotch style Whisky is distilled at a low aggregate purity, or "deep into the tails", which is why good Scotch takes well over a decade to fully mature. Let's be clear, The Strata is Not Scotch, but it is intended to have some similarities.

We distilled Strata 1 at the highest purity legally allowed to still be labeled as 'Whiskey'. This means that the flavors will be lighter, cleaner, and less complex than your favorite Scotch. We did this because Strata 1 was designed to be fully mature in 1 year. If you're skeptical of it's quality because of this age statement, you will just have to try it to believe.

You have to like peat smoke to like this this Whiskey. Despite the high purity distillation, the aroma and flavor carry a healthy amount of smoke, red and Green apple tones and a hint of bread and caramel. The overall flavor is light and bright. The smoke actually balances the sweetness in this Whiskey nicely. It was aged in our Sweet Virginia Bourbon Barrels to keep in the Scotch tradition.

The biggest difference to its Scotch counterparts is the lighter texture and lack of deep, rich tones in the finish. Strata has texture and finish a bit more similar to an Irish Whiskey. It is crisp and clean, but leaves the right amount of peat stuck to the back of your tongue.

What will really set Strata apart from any other Whiskey is what will happen over the next several years and decades. We are only draining a fraction of each Strata barrel this year for this release. The next iteration of Strata will be distilled around the time of this release to refill these partial barrels as well as fill an entire new set of barrels. Next year we will repeat this process with the original barrels, but refill them with second round of barrels, and add another layer. This is called a Solera system. It ensures that aspects of the original Spirit always exist in a small proportion, while allowing us to tailor each year's iteration to the amount of time it will take to cascade through the system. Each year, it will gain maturity and complexity, but will always be based on the original Whiskey being released this year.

It will take 4 years to get the completed system in place. Remember, there will always be a bit of this Whiskey aging for as long as we keep to this system running. Strata 1 is the foundation that every year's version will be built upon. 

We are always heavily overwhelmed with demand for Whiskey, so we offer our apologies in advance for the majority of you who will not be able to purchase a bottle. Here is how we have decided to do this round...

The Strata will become available on Saturday, December 19th, and will be sold first come, first served. Less than 165 bottles will be available for tasting and purchase with a limit of 2 bottles per customer. The cost will be $45 for a 375mL bottle. Doors will open 10 minutes before Noon. The weather has been pretty horrendous lately, so be prepared for rain and travel safely. I'm not sure how long it will take to sell the available bottles, but past releases have sold out in as little as 45 minutes. The only way to get a bottle is to be physically present on the days Whiskeys are available.

Please do not email or call to claim a bottle, I cannot legally sell a bottle unless you are in my shop. There will be no pre-orders or holds.

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