Eventide Will be released Sunday August 7th

'Eventide' is an old English word describing the time at days end, leading into the evening.  We found it a fitting word to define such a balanced Whiskey that has the sweet, inviting tones of the day, and the depth and long finish of the night. After a hard days work, the Eventide is the perfect Whiskey to culminate the day and welcome a restful evening. 

This Whiskey is truly one of a kind. Half of Eventide is an equal split of Honey Malted Barley and Beech Wood Smoked Barley. We emphasize the sweet aspects of the Honey Malt by augmenting it with a dash of Yellow Corn. Chocolate Malted Rye is used to the same affect to accent the earthy, rich tones of the smoked malt. The entire batch was aged in once used Rum barrels to ensure the proper amount of Oak was enough to accent its richness, but not overwhelm subtlety in the grains. The result is delicate balance of slightly tart sweetness that leads into a rich, complex, and everlasting finish.

In total, we used:

87.5% Barley 

6.25% Rye

6.25% Corn 

This combination does not fit any classic style of Whiskey, but it was aged for a minimum of two years. That is why it is classified simply as a 'Straight Whiskey'.  Eventide has been a staff favorite from the moment it went into barrels. It has been delightful tracking its maturation. We cannot wait for the lucky folks that are here for the release to finally get a taste of our 'next generation' Whiskey. 


We are always heavily overwhelmed with demand for Whiskey, so we offer our apologies in advance for the majority of you who will not be able to purchase a bottle. Here is how we have decided to do this round...

The Strata will become available on Sunday, August 7th, and will be sold first come, first served. All sales will be conducted in our tasting room at 255 N Hemlock, Cannon Beach. Approximately 200 bottles will be available for tasting and purchase with a limit of 2 bottles per customer. The cost will be $50 for a 375mL bottle. Doors will open 10 minutes before Noon. I'm not sure how long it will take to sell the available bottles, but past releases have sold out in as little as 45 minutes. The only way to get a bottle is to be physically present on the days Whiskeys are available.

Please do not email or call to claim a bottle, I cannot legally sell a bottle unless you are in my shopThere will be no pre-orders or holds. 

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