The Rock Series

We try and keep these cornerstone spirits always available

Dorymen's Rum


We strive to prove that you don’t have to hide the flavor and quality of all clear Rums behind heavy mixers. Dorymen’s is pleasant drinking neat, on the rocks, or in just about anything. It is fermented from 100% evaporated cane juice sugar, and distilled at a purity high enough to avoid barrel maturation, but low enough to retain subtle flavors and complexity. The clean and creamy character might change your view of rum as strictly a blending spirit, while still blending seamlessly into your favorite Rum cocktails.

Mutineer Spiced Rum


After the success of our silver and amber rums, it seemed time in 2016 to start developing a spiced rum recipe. The Mutineer starts with a base of our award-winning Dorymen’s silver rum. During the distillation we add carefully selected proportions of sarsaparilla, birch, spearmint, orange peel, licorice root, clove, and several other botanicals directly into the pot. After the distillation the rum rests on sassafras sticks for one month. The result is a rebellious spiced rum that will add a new flavor dimension to any liquor cabinet.  

Donlon Shanks Amber Rum


Donlon Shanks is proof that not all rums need to be heavy on the sweetness. Donlon is fermented from 100% organic blackstrap molasses, which creates a foundation of butterscotch and caramel. We then age it in charred American white oak barrels to balance those candy flavors with a distinct smoky, woodiness typically reserved for Whiskey. The result is a surprisingly smooth and complex Amber Rum that begs to be drank neat or on the rocks. However, a Rum of this caliber adds a new dimension to your liquor cabinet when it comes to cocktails.


Xalapa Agave Spirits W/ Jalapeno


The Xalapa is fermented from 100% Blue Weber Agave (organic), which is the same ingredient that makes tequila (see Il Keyote for more info on that). We distill this fermented wash over fresh, deseeded jalapenos at a very high purity to maintain control over the flavor we extract. Xalapa is unaged. The finished product is has a more subtle and balanced character than its infused counterparts. We do not extract the capsaicin from the jalapeno, so the Xalapa does not have spicy, hot tone you get from eating a pepper. You will smell the jalapeno immediately. The flavor we keep is of the fresh green jalapeno that has a slightly ‘cooked’ quality. This pairs beautifully with the natural white pepper spice of unaged agave spirits. The finish lingers long and clean, with a nice texture that makes it easy to sip.

Il Keyote Spirits from Agave


Wait...a spirit made from Agave, and it’s not Tequila? Correct. Tequila is a unique product of Mexico, which involves many traditional production techniques. Il Keyote is made from 100% organic Blue Weber Agave sourced from Jalisco, but that is where the comparison to Tequila ends. We ferment, distill and mature Il Keyote a bit more like Brandy than Tequila. This technique provides the true, rich flavor of the agave, which we balance with the woody tones pulled from toasted American white oak barrels. The result is an entirely new style of spirit that you will want to savor. Leave the salt and lime aside.

The Pharmacist Old Tom Gin


I am fascinated with the concept of non-dry gin, so it made sense to try and incorporate a traditionally sweetened Old Tom Gin to our portfolio of spirits. I decided to use a bouquet of botanicals that are (mostly) common around the Pacific Northwest. Juniper berries are at the core of all gin, but cedar berries belong to the same family and add a great coniferous tone. Elderflower, licorice root, lemon, and ginger round it out. The result is a bright, ‘forest-y’ tone with a silky texture and long finish. It has enough juniper to shine in a classic gin and tonic or martini, but lacks the dryness so it can feature in more refreshing cocktails like a gin ricky.

Tidal Series

Just as the tide comes and goes, so do these seasonal products. They are made when time permits!

Easy Bouy Gin


Easy Buoy gin was crafted as a more cocktail friendly version of the Lost Buoy. We use the same botanicals in roughly the same proportions as the Lost Buoy (juniper, lemongrass, orange peel, lemon peel, cardamom, chamomile, and a few proprietary botanicals) and distill it at the same purity.  Lost Buoy and Easy Buoy are essentially the same gin except Easy Buoy is made from cane sugar and Lost Buoy is made from barley.

Lost Bouy Gin


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The mantra of Cannon Beach Distillery has always been that “we will not sell anything that we don’t enjoy drinking neat, room temperature”. This principle had a drastic effect on how we produce Gin. Lost Buoy in fermented using 100% organic malted Barley grown here in the Northwest. The Gin is single distilled from this Barley base through a healthy amount of Juniper, as well as a wide variety of lemongrass, orange peel, lemon peel, cardamom, chamomile, and a few proprietary botanicals. The result is an intensely aromatic and citrus forward Gin that retains a silky texture unlike it’s many ‘dry’ counterparts. Try sipping Lost Buoy neat to uncover its many layers, but feel free to experiment wildly in cocktails, as there are plenty of flavors to build around.

Peters' Family Gin


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This full-bodied Gin was designed to be a slightly dirty Martini right out of the bottle. Peters’ Family Gin has a much thicker mouth-feel resulting from a 100% organic malted Barley base that is distilled to maintain texture. Coriander and Star Anise stand out with Juniper and hints of citrus. The objective was to balance very traditional Gin botanicals in a way that is reminiscent to the flavor of a green olive. While this Gin is not ideal for dilute cocktails, it is perfect for Martini lovers who avoid vermouth but can now enjoy the texture it would provide without complicating the flavor of the Gin. As we say, the most important mixer for this gin is the olive you put in it.