Tidal Series

Just as the tide comes and goes, so do these seasonal products. They are made when time permits!


Peters' Family Gin

Peters Family Gin.jpg

This full-bodied Gin was designed to be a slightly dirty Martini right out of the bottle. Peters’ Family Gin has a much thicker mouth-feel resulting from a 100% organic malted Barley base that is distilled to maintain texture. Coriander and Star Anise stand out with Juniper and hints of citrus. The objective was to balance very traditional Gin botanicals in a way that is reminiscent to the flavor of a green olive. While this Gin is not ideal for dilute cocktails, it is perfect for Martini lovers who avoid vermouth but can now enjoy the texture it would provide without complicating the flavor of the Gin. As we say, the most important mixer for this gin is the olive you put in it.


Lost Bouy Gin

Lost buoy gin.jpg

The mantra of Cannon Beach Distillery has always been that “we will not sell anything that we don’t enjoy drinking neat, room temperature”. This principle had a drastic effect on how we produce Gin. Lost Buoy in fermented using 100% organic malted Barley grown here in the Northwest. The Gin is single distilled from this Barley base through a healthy amount of Juniper, as well as a wide variety of untraditional botanicals including Lemongrass, Cardamom, Chamomile and Hibiscus. The result is an intensely aromatic and citrus forward Gin that retains a silky texture unlike it’s many ‘dry’ counterparts. Try sipping Lost Buoy neat to uncover its many layers, but feel free to experiment wildly in cocktails, as there are plenty of flavors to build around.


Coming Soon Early 2016...

Old Tom Gin

Spiced Rum